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Default 2011 you guys.

Fresh new decade whether you subscribe to that year one stuff or not.

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for being being a tool the past couple years. Though in my defense I think I had my good moments.

I know this place is about as active as a forced analogy, but any resolutions?
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Ham Denture
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higher creative output, more reading, learn guitar, more focus on schoolwork (taking chinese, japnese and computer science at uni) and...that's it.
and I can't recall you being a tool.
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I'll start off my 2011 the American Apparel way: wiping my ass on the American flag.

I enjoy having a high post count. It makes me feel like I've contributed something to the forum, when I really probably haven't. Except for inanity and annoyance, that is.

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